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Kevin Pietersen

What Said Bout K.P.

What Said Bout K.P.

Comments Said About England New Star!

"I love his aggression and the way he plays his cricket. He plays like a true South African."Evil Aussie

"Pietersen is a hell of a good player and the Australians will fear him,"Rod Marsh

Pietersen's clearly someone who's very keen and very confident in his own ability, and I'm sure he will be a major player. Butcher

"It was very competitive when we were young,"  "We used to play in the courtyards, and obviously he used to beat my all the time." Byran (His Brother )

"He certainly strikes the ball very well. He is a big strong guy and he gets around the field pretty well," Ricky Ponting


"To see us home was one of the best one-day innings I have seen. Fantastic." Vaughan

“Who needs James Bond when you can watch Kevin Pietersen”