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Kevin Pietersen
What Said Bout K.P.

What The K.P. has Said!
Nothing Rude I hope !lol

"I said to the hairdresser.  I'll have a streak , a big one. I turned round and in the next seat was the transsexual bird from big brother . I recognised the voice "
All i can say is lol!
"When mum and dad said grace I was watching my food in case one of my elder brothers nicked it off my plate "
Not Very Nice Brothers (Tony , Greg & Bryan" )
"So after taking on Brett lee at 95mph .I’ll be facing Shoaib Akhtar . Out of the Frying Pan , Into the fire "
Have Fun !
"If i wanted to become a solider , Id have become one "
About missing  National service by 2 years
"Just because nobody loves you anymore"
Poor shane Watson Just cause his dancer left him !
"Michael Vaughan and Andrew Flintoff could have had bats eight feet wide and would still have been bowled"
Defends his team-mates after Glenn McGrath ripped through them at Lord's.


"I’m the best thing since sliced bread"

What Bout the canned soup

"You bowl it . Ill hit it"

And we will duck

“It was only stares and swearwords really, nothing serious. I just laugh about it because they can hardly speak proper English"

Not Very Nice are the south africa team are they

"I love to play in front of the crowd, love to play on TV and love to get the best out of myself."

We love you to

"They're getting on a little bit. “

If 2 of them are 35 . I think  so .

"But we've got match-winners too and we are prepared to sweat blood to beat them and we'll all be up for it."

We saw ponting with his blood

"He gave me the nickname 600 because he would like me to become his 600th victim"

And Whats Shanes Nickname Then

"He chucked my kit bag off the dressing room balcony "

Thats Not very nice

"I Enjoy Chessey Stuff , Westlife,That kind of thing!"

What westlife!

"I think i may now be switching my allegiance"

To Sharapova ! Um Your Ears!

"I was in with my brother ,Bryan ,and my flatmate and hampshire colleague ,Richard Logan and was just nodding off to sleep on the sofa "

Um does he have a Bed!

"Im a bit hyperactive in there , Always joking , larking about and not shutting up "

Um a Bit! He meet me im off the walls!

"Just Got to finish my shopping mate"

Food shopping in sainsburys( btw it wasnt me who meet him in sainsburys)


These Came From The Daily Mail , All Out Cricket ,446 and spin

“Who needs James Bond when you can watch Kevin Pietersen”